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Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker
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Hi Everyone, this is almost-a-hero .com and we like to present a guide for you. Please do read and get this valuable trick for this Idle RPG clicker game.

” The run is also free to play”. Which means I didn’t spend any real money on gems.

It’s not because I prefer playing the game that way it’s just because I wanted the speed run results to be related to everyone. There’s a huge difference between spending you know like a thousand dollars on real money transactions and you know going free to play in terms of difficulty.

In this first run. I push the stage 32 to unlock Sam so I could prestige for the first time and get back to the tutorial quests after the first prestige.

You unlock your first few artifacts and despite what a lot of guides say I don’t actually recommend that you unlock a whole lot more slots.

In fact you will actually see me spending the first gems on rare chests instead.

It’s entirely because I want all free items on backs to boost her for carrying.

Almost a Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games

Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker

I also want to help to be counted out so if you add in some hand it’s great too especially later on in speed run so I’ll be spending the most of my scraps on these two heroes. But otherwise you know if you’re not speed running that’s just upgrade whatever you feel like.

I definitely recommend using your tokens to push a little bit further in some of your runs. Gold backs are particularly great early on because they give a really really huge boost. So definitely use those as much as you can. The goal of the second adventure in here is to reach stage 90 which is where I unlock time warp and now allow me to optimize the start of my runs quite a lot more.

After the second adventure run. I cleared the first six time challenges just to get a few extra resources time challenges get super trivial when you up your stats a little bit so I don’t recommend spending too much time trying to push through them. Just do them whenever they’re super easy.

Almost a Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games – Story Continues…

So getting back into ventral was placing for the earliest stages with time warping and filtering strategy which was really nice but I kind of wanted to start switching towards so. Kerry set up so it was bothering me a lot that I had really really atrocious luck with item chests I bought actually an extra for rare chests. Shortly after this and I didn’t really get any of the items capped out.

I also got my second free chests but again no luck. So even after my 3rd and 4th prestige where I started getting enough millstones to actually want to craft war instead of keep re rolling there was nothing I could really do because I had to keep spending my gems trying to max out back so I could switch to a carry setup but I just didn’t have any luck with that. ( Almost a hero )

After my 5th prestige I cleared on a four chime challenges I actually got enough gems to buy another free rare chests. Now the game is coded to actually give you free times higher chance of discovering a new item than getting when you already have. So there was a pretty slim chance of not getting the last vex item at this point.

But since there’s now 15 heroes in the game that apparently wasn’t enough to do the trick either. So in my increasingly frustrating hunt for that last vex item I went back into adventure and actually managed to buy my 14th just And now while people may say that 13 is an unlucky number.

Almost a Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games – Story Continues…

Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker

That holds up here to and at some point during this run I got the free social media rewards was an extra 150 gems so these extra jumps I was able to buy the 14th chest and finally after so many hours of disappointment blood sweat and tears. Oh so many tears. I got. Nothing. Again. Are you.

Kidding me. But soon after I pushed to another millstone reward reroll my artifact a little bit and then eventually got enough jumps. My 15 for a chest which turned out to be the magic number and finally Banks was capped and I could evolve her. Shortly after I had my 6 prestige and I started the next run with Vex and a different build .

Despite now being in a vex Kerry setup I actually still use Tilton some of the early stages helped me clear with great strat and afterwards the build actually worked as a pretty fine support and I found it was pretty good strategy. I actually split gold between them until the point where pushing got a little bit harder and vex had to fly solo.

Almost a Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games – Story Continues…

I also evolved samba increases up-time without needing as much gold and occasionally I I’ve also used his neat little trick. You could see here where I used vs amateur skill on boss fights. This gives a massive amount of goals you’ll see and on my 7th front I got two free trinket boxes and I actually also unlocked gym which is pretty neat and I decided to just prestige again because the run was becoming too hard.

Afterwards I cleared time chance eleven and 12 but I actually recommend avoiding time challenge 14 because it’s extremely long and actually relatively difficult for really tiny reward.

So I’d recommend just skipping this one just to avoid losing time on it.

Almost a Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games – Story Continues…

So on my next run I got a lot of artifact upgrades one of which was time warping speed which is actually really nice because this gives you a really good overall speed boost and I after I prestige for the eighth time I got a really nice amount of hero upgrade cost which was starting get really high at this point and that would make me a lot stronger if I managed to carry it out. So on my 9 front I unlocked the scrap mines and got a few gems and actually managed to max out hero upgrade cost.

 This was a really significant point especially since right afterwards were not proceed for the ninth time. I got a lot more combat stats as well and at this point I realized that I was actually in a really good spot to try to aim for 330.

Almost a Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games – Story Continues…

So with my new stats I was able to blaze through stitches incredibly easily and I quickly unlocked a trinket got a few more gems and actually bought a rare chest because I was running out of tokens and that I sort of just hit a wall at around 300 or something because I was running out of tokens once again.

So that’s when I noticed that I actually had a second flash all for coming up and luckily enough it just so happened to have tokens. So using these tokens I was able to push further with a gold bag and then hit stage 330 which offers an absolutely insane reward of 500000 millstones.

Some of my earlier tests have actually shown that this amount is enough to do a light version of the small re roll which allows me to cap out a lot of really important stats really quickly.”
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Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker
Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker Credits@

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