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Almost A Hero Best Team – Idle RPG Clicker

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So I fall you know Oh I’ll just get back to it. And that’s when I realized actually how one hour left before I officially had the free day mark. So I decided to just try to see how far I could get and I actually managed to squeeze two 861 and get the last two met for calls. So that was quite satisfying ( Best Clicker Games ) .

So now that I was officially starting day for about another 14 trinket boxes my luck was still a complete joke so I got nothing more than scraps from that on my 25th prestige. I had stage 870 so I barely beat my morning push with that one runs 26 and 27 were pretty uneventful and just had me leveling Murtha calls. Afterwards I did a reroll of sorts where I got the Golden Horseshoe capable stats though I didn’t have yet (Almost hero).

And it also saved me a little bit of time on the big re roll later and later I opened up what would end up being my last trinket box of this run not because I got lucky and finally got that stat but because I just had enough of my terrible luck.

Almost A Hero Best Team – Best Clicker Games

Almost A Hero Best Team - Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG games - Idle RPG Clicker -

Eighty seven attempts is absolutely insane when you’re just hunting for one stat so you know I just crafted a to start trinket that I was going to make with 10 percent team damage and you know the healing off stat and you know just called it a day. All in all this wasn’t terribly significant. And I did end up getting a lot of scraps in the process so it wasn’t all terrible but damn was my luck bad. The speed run after presaging for my 30th time I got all the free relic artifacts kept out and on my free first run I hit stage 1000 which wasn’t planned at all (Almost hero) .

 It just ended up happening when I had stone quest and the upgraded relics in combination with that just kept me pushing forward.

Much much later than I initially planned to do this. I did a big reroll. (Almost A Hero Best Team).

It took a fair amount of time but it did increase my Global Gold by quite a amount.

I rushed it a little bit but that’s just because I wanted to get back to hitting the stage 1100 as fast as possible so I didn’t want to waste another minute trying to get a really good roll. So the next thing that happened was basically that I made it to you know a brown 1030 and another six runs and on the thirty seventh prestige all of my artifacts were capped and now it was time to head for the finish line.

Almost A Hero Best Team – Best Clicker Games

Now if you imagine my push to 1100 as some sort of epic conquest you’d be sorely mistaken. In reality this turned out to be an example of what it does to your brain. I spent three days straight playing a mobile game and then being right next to the finish line.

Ideally I want to run this you know with a setup of TAM and Nana to have some heavy bus burst progression and relying on gold backs and dragons for gold because natural gold gains beyond 1000 is kind of terrible. Instead what ended up happening was that my brain just sort of defaulted to picking the gold farming team that I’ve been playing this whole time. So you know after what was easily one and a half hour long agonizing push to stage one thousand ninety four. You know I thought that now. Oh now I’m in the (Almost hero) .

I’m in the homestretch so maybe it didn’t matter that much but then the minion waves came and I just couldn’t kill them at all. It ended up taking another hour since I had no auto taps where I was just sitting there and tapping like a maniac and on the one thousand ninety seven bus I stopped up to form some gold for an upgrade of two which helped a little bit. But the last waves were just impossible will kill. So I actually ended up using this little trick where I’d go on my phone and just keep reloading the game until a goblin chest appeared.

 And then finally after three and a half days of speed running at 3 days and 13 hours I hit stage 1100.

Almost A Hero Best Team - Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG games - Idle RPG Clicker -

Almost A Hero Best Team – Best Clicker Games

So the speed run ended up clocking in at exactly half the time of my previous speed run which took seven days and when you consider the extra time I spent you know that’s hardly surprising but I’m still pretty satisfied with it. I think it’s possible to do a little better but not a whole lot you know because despite my terrible luck with trinkets and rare chests and having to f k a little bit to lead a normal family life I think that a total robot of a person playing 24/7 would maybe be able to do this in like three days (Almost hero) .

And in my previous run I just stopped here at stage 1100 because I thought that stage 1200 you know it really just takes a lot of farming to reach it and it doesn’t really fit the format of speed run. So you know .

I also think it’s really essential to have like this ice ring rune called went to be able to hit that efficiently and the chances of that occurring is just really really slim but just respond very often.

But that’s just it. You know despite all the horrible luck I have this run that actually did happen and there’s absolutely no way that I planned for this but. Here goes.”

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