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Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker - Almost heroes
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“Some of the stats I’m hunting for in particular are Tombaugh stock effect and duration which allows me to push to stage 391 but then a few minutes of hitting stage 330 at which point I get another 3 million millstones.

This allowed me to reroll A bit more and improve the previous results which give me enough power to squeeze my way to stage 440 which is where retro is unlocked and marks the end of this longer push.

My goal for day 1 was to hit stage 440 and having met that goal a little bit earlier than planned I just decided to dive into Gog and Clair Gates 1 through 9. Now good night is a pretty great game to form if you don’t explore beyond that point ( Almost heroes ).

Mostly because you could reach it but just to stage you have the moment you unlock GOG as well as you know the extra 500 percent bonus damage making it super easy to declare really really fast without really upgrading much of anything. So from that point onwards I decided to just farm gate 9 for you know a little bit.

At some point during the day I decided to do a couple more time challenges for the rewards which allowed me to upgrade helped a legendary this made a pretty minor difference it could honestly have been done a bit sooner. Oh well.

On another note here’s Tom challenge 14. Try not to blink you might miss it.

Almost A Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games

Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker - Almost heroes

Before starting this run I actually fought the farm gate 9 was going to be extremely demanding but in hindsight it was actually the most casual time I spent in the entire beat run. I spent the time playing with my son and every two to three minutes I’d take the phone out of my pocket and start a new run. You know press a button and then put it back down. So it was actually a lot easier than I thought. And right afterwards I went in and cleared time Charles 15 all the way up to 24 to gather a few more rewards and continue my adventure progress ( Almost heroes ) .

 After clearing the time challenges I also beat my way to GOG 18 which I did mostly to get the 5 free trinket boxes at gate 18 but.

It would turn out that my luck with trinkets this run would be very far from optimal.

Once this was done I went back into adventure and pushed the stage 518 which is where Uno is unlocked. I also managed to craft a few mythical artifacts and unlocked a pretty major feature known as trinket crafting. Now triggered crafting I use mainly at this point for something I like to call trinket re forging which is basically disenchanted your main trinkets and crafting them back into single stat trinkets.

This will make them much much cheaper to upgrade and far more accessible early on in the game. Now most people go with a 32 percent hero damage on their carry and then for 12 percent team damage on their supports.

Almost A Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games

Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker - Almost heroes

But I like to replace one of those support trinkets with a 50 percent team HP stat instead Pacific.

It offers a much smoother progression for the game so after polishing off my trinkets I went back into Ga.

In the process of getting there I actually bought another 29 trick and boxes in an attempt to get those two last stats. However I only actually managed to get the team HP 1 so still missing one 12 percent team damage.

So the next major thing I had on log was how Frank. And even though I had held it higher up great rate than Beck’s it was still better to stick to a Vax setup because she’s just better at carrying. I also unlocked auto transmute her at some point which gives a pretty nice gold boost income and on the next run I unlocked broken teleporter and made it to stage 500 seventy before stitching for 14th time on the move stones I got from that actually give me impatient relic which I’d argue is the strongest artifact to unlock in the Met game ( Almost heroes ) .

 After that I was able to unlock blunt relic and shiny object which is not that useful but blunt relic is a really really powerful addition to my base stats. So with that I was able to push to 632 at which point I unlocked Ron and then I pressed reach for the 15th time. And with the resulting milestones I got half ring which meant that now I could actually switch to a ring strat setup.

Almost A Hero Guide – Best Clicker Games

Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker - Almost heroes

So having half ring I was able to go with the ring strat and with the setup I was able to progress even further and bought a lot more trinkets boxes to hunt for that last stat but they were all terrible ( Almost heroes ) .

So my 16 prestige ended up being at six hundred forty eight on my next run I am locked CPS matters too late to be useful but I also got bandaid relic which the last of the free relics I was missing so that was really welcome on my next free runs. You know they were pretty uneventful and mostly had me just leveling these free relic artifacts somewhat evenly and on my twenty four on I got another 20 trinket boxes you know trying to hunt down that one stat but again I wasn’t lucky with that. So on my 24 stage I got to about seven hundred thirty seven at which point I unlocked caucus imperium which is good but not that amazing really it’s just 25 percent HP I don’t want upgrade it really at this point.

And at this point my relics were also getting really high level and I wanted to split my folks a little bit so I leveled up although transmute a bit and I was getting really good value from that so I was actually able to push a bit further on my next prestige. And afterwards I decided to head back into the time challenge and GOG again.

Almost A Hero Guide – Almost heroes – Best Clicker Games

Clearing the last six time challenges was extremely easy because I had really excessive stats at this point.

So in other words I didn’t waste any time on them either and picking up where I left before I went back in to got 24 and actually got another eleven trinket boxes .

But again luck just wasn’t on my side. This run at all.

In my last run of the night of day free. I got to stage seven hundred and seventy six on prestige for the 22nd time. I actually managed to get all transported to 91 while also leveling the other math class a bit and beyond this point I just farmed GOG 18 for the rest of the evening while spending some time with my family so high on adrenaline from the speed run I woke up early the next morning and you know just couldn’t go back to sleep.” Click here for read more (rest of the story ).

Almost A Hero Guide -Best Clicker Games - Idle RPG Clicker - Almost heroes
Almost A Hero – Idle RPG Clicker

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